Friday, September 10, 2010

Thursday or Day 9: Glazed Vegetables and getting some decent sleep at last

Holá a todos! Hello everybody!

After making a Bulgarian Themed Dinner in Day 5 for some foreign friends and visiting one of the most interesting bars in the city named Bla-Bla in Day 6 which ended as long night walk  and only 3 hours of sleep before my classes...and Day 7's long talk with my flat mates until 4 o'clock in the morning... I find that the motto of this Spanish city is perfect : Life without sleep or as they say it Vivir sin dormir!

It is just me but I think that less than 8 hours of sleep daily is madness? So I found that living in Valencia might tire you. I overslept today. I was so tired that I couldn't get out my bed until noon. My classes for today were doomed. No way I would go outside in the 36 C summer heat. So I stayed home and made some nice food. I present you my Glazed Vegetables with Honey and Soy Sauce and Basmati Rice with fresh herbs (only hierbabuena in my case...).

It is fresh dish, perfect for lunch. Here enjoy it! 

It was a nice day... I still have to go to the beach, but anyway, there is nothing better than home made food, swiss chocolate, some chat with your loved ones and well deserved rest.

Photo: me :")

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