Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday or Day 10: I proudly present you my living space!

When I came to Spain I had to look for a room . I found one thanks to my friend Lori. It is situated in the Old Arabic District only 30 minutes walking from the center of the city or 10if you prefer the Metro. The flat is big and exterior which here means that the windows are looking to the street and not to the enclosed spaces of the inner patios. Better for me. My room is around 6 square meters, 2 by 3 meters; well lit, tidy, clean, with white plastered walls and mosaic floor. In here all I have is a bed (a small one), a desk (also small), a bookshelf and a wardrobe. I like it. Many people would think that it is too confined,but in reality it is great to have your oln living space with the freedom to do whatever you want inside.

Here it is:

My bed and bookshelf

...closer look to my books :)

My new pen holder! Isn't nice? It has a dragon on itself!!! I saw it and I just grab it from the shelf in the bookstore...from Busquets- 3,50 euros

The living room

And the view from my window. Nice and quiet street with orange trees ...

photos: me

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  1. О, много е хубаво! Наслаждавай се максимално на цялото това преживяване (и го споделяй с нас) :)

    Хайде честито, наздраве и до ново блог-о-виждане, Лени :))


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