Monday, March 14, 2011

Monday Inspiration: Brain

The human brain is what makes us unique they say. The logic and the long-term memory, plus the ability to learn and evolve are what makes it the most powerful tool in the world. And even better: We all carry one of those in our heads.

Today I bring you an inspirational illustrations about our brains. 

A Mercedes-Benz Advertisement

"Parc du Luxenburg" Exposition of Modern Art by shadow-kat-ana

 A brain typo illustration by cheesyGFX

... and funny brain vector drawing , autor here

I finish this post with a quote that I like really much:

The brain is wider than the sky.
Emily Dickinson

Have a nice and brainy week!!!


  1. Получих, отговарям. :)

  2. ЙЕЙ! Парти ще вдигна, да знаеш!!!

    Започвам да ги пускам неукрасени. Това е. В тези специални пликове.:")

  3. Изпратих днес. :)


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