Monday, March 7, 2011

Monday or Day "??": Of the love for mathematics

Today I feel the urge to share my love for one science old as the world itself, hated and cherished, understood by some and a complete mystery for others.

I shall begin with saying that I am not in any way a brilliant mathematician. I do not calculate and experiment with the numbers as I want to. And this comes from my laziness. Sadly, but true. The power of the laziness can conquer all. I come from bilingual Institute, I didn't study mathematics on purpose.I just always loved the logical and clean solutions of the problems that only this science can bring. I can understand everyone who hates something that is out of his control, but I cannot tolerate the notion that you do not need mathematics to be a good architect. So I defend it. 

Mathematics can bring your imagination to unexpected levels, it trains your brain and gives you a better grip to the conceptual thinking. With no mathematics there will be no scale, no perspective, no understanding of the patterns and the inner connections.

Mathematics is a science not only made to calculate things. In the right hands it turns in a powerful tool to create and express beauty.

Mathematics is not only a concept, matrix, integrals or lines. The inner soul that shines through are the natural proportions, the order, the integrity and the sheer beauty of the simplest solution. 

Geometry is one of the most important sciences for the art of creating space. Because architecture is space. Not a spot or a place, but a infinite, unmeasurable, unlimited space of which with geometric solutions you, as a master of your trade, give purpose. The natural order of the shapes, the curves and the lines always will have an equation. The only way to describe them fully and rightfully. The line drawn by an artist is the same thing. It may came from his imagination but is submissive of the very same natural law.

Here I give you some interesting readings: 1.-mathematical principles2.- modern architecture 3.-mathematics and art. Only three. There are many more on the web and in the big books. 

And as my Daddy loves to say: "Math" is everywhere, you can walk around and not see her, but that doesn't mean she is gone.


  1. Да, да, да! за математиката де :) Много я обичах в основното си училище, когато имах всеотдайни учители. След това мина на по-заден план. Но като се има предвид, че и моят баща, също като твоя, не е спирал да поддържа любовта ми към нея, не е чудно, че още съм един математически мозък :D

    Честит празник, Лени!

  2. Честит празник и на теб, Плами!!!

    Знам за какво говориш. Аз все пак завърших езикова гимназия. :") Математиката ми стана приоритет, когато се хванах, че не ме влекат разказвателните предмети. А за жалост, в България няма много варианти за кандидатстване, ако сам бягаш от всичките географии, истории, биологии и други подобни.

    Да живеят математическите ни шеметни мозъци! (като цяло да живеят мозъците... че без тях за къде сме?)

  3. Ехх, хаха, а аз като дете, което цял живот се е занимавало с математика и е опитвало и от хубавото, и от лошото в тази връзка (както е и при всяка любов), какво да ви кажа! :-D Пък и бях в математическа гимназия... колко странно! ;-) :-P


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