Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wednesday:Summer change in me ~ Лятна промяна в мен

It was time for a change, don't you think so? 

Still wondering if this is the final result, but for a brief moment I like how it came out. There is something small missing and I can't get what exactly it is... Any suggestions how to improve it more are welcome. :") 

Have a nice summer!!!


  1. Хайде да ни е честито лятото! Наздраве, Лени :D

  2. What I miss is a nice purple photo of yours ;-) ... but I'll be glad to "shoot" you and then "paint you purple" when you come back! :-Pp
    Oh, and congrats for the 60! followers! ^^ :-*

  3. @Plami: Честито!!! Със здраве да си го ползваш и тази година!

    @Baby: I have some purple pics somewhere around, but if you propose to make me more... :")

  4. Sounds like a proposal to me... :-D ;-)

  5. И вода, ама във вид на море!!! :")

    @Baby: Yes!!! It is a proposal!


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