Monday, October 17, 2011

Monday: Hot Chocolate, tea and her delicate hands

A short walk with a friend. Cold weather. October is really edgy this year. I am still ill. The hot chocolate is the only solution. And tea with cinnamon and apple. A chocolate muffin.

Life is good. 

And she has so delicate hands. Fingers whose touch is like feathers. Just lovely!

photos: me


  1. True, true, I love the touch of her hands, too! It's like fluffy paws! ^^
    I envy you the chocolate a little... but, hey, we're ill - we deserve the whole chocolate in the world! :-D Right? ;-)

  2. Yes, my darling! And we can make some hot-hot-hot chocolate with orange syrup and drink it together! YAY!

    I am totally addicted to chocolate these days. The treadmill should be my best friend afterwards, but for this single moment "who cares?"

    I hope that you are getting better! :")

  3. Ahhh, I haven't tasted that yet, but it sounds ridiculously tempting and mouthwatering! ^^
    We'll hope for each other I guess... My nose's still fighting me back. |-(

  4. Mine too. And it is winning for the moment... :"(

  5. Same here, now my throat's joining forces with it, I don't know if it could get any more sarcastic! |-(


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