Monday, July 1, 2013

Thing that I love lately - June

Hello all!

I hope that you are having a great summer. Currently we are experiencing a rainy period of relief after weeks of the heat wave from the beginning of this month. A short list of the things I like and enjoy this June:

  • The Rain. Why? It makes my skin smooth as silk, the air is fresh, I can jump in the poodles with my super funky Animal Rubber Boots.
  • Running in the morning with my brother who is way more faster and stronger than me. Why? Because it is shared time with one of my closest friends and makes my heart race.
  • Klorane Douche-gel Mediterranean scent. A lovely fresh experience with nice moisturizing.
  • Sephora Blueberry Body Scrub that makes my skin baby-like.
  • Rhodia dot Pad. It is so good, that I will probably review this one.
  • Diamine Inks in Soft Mint and Merlot. The only reason to order these two is because I am crazy ink, paint, all kinds of supplies and stationery aficionado. Or nerd. it depends of your point of view. :")
  • Kamen Vo and Toncho Tokmakchiev new old comical sketch "Hamalite" about the political situation in the country. Probably the only thing that is actually funny in the whole mess that is happening here.
  • Food-wise:

  • Apple Cider with friends in the park
  • Cashew
  • Boro's Tom Yum soup.
  • My mother's baked beans with tomato sauce. Yummy, healthy, hot, soul food!
  • Metro Mug Steel Works by Sigg's. A wonderful way to keep your beverage hot or cold. It is 380 cc. ideal for Coffee or home-made lemonade.
  • Talking about beverages, my latest find is cocoa beans tea infusion. It tastes like heaven, has almost no calories to build up on my daily routine and
  • The dinner with my beloved yesterday, the last Sunday of the month. As I was super stressed lately and we couldn't hook up ofter enough, it was very special. I also enjoyed our ritual to go out and try new food picking it randomly with closed eyes. Last night favorite: Fresh spinach salad with goat cheese, Parmesan cheese flakes, grapefruit slices and reduced balsamic vinegar for a price under
  • Things that I would love to have soon:

  • Ikea Arod lamp in Grey
  • Lime Yellow pillows for my bed
  • New haircut in lilac-redish color
  • A tripod
  • As I am experiencing some problems with my Picasa, I hope to be able to add the respective pictures soon!

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