Wednesday, July 10, 2013

About a Lamy

Do you love to write?

And I don't mean poetry.
I've always loved beautiful handwriting. My dad has one of the most sophisticated, easy to read and smooth handwriting that I know. I enjoy to read his scribbling and notes, especially his grocery lists.
As a child I grew up in a house filled with writing instruments, technical pencils, drafting tools. The reason? Both of my parents are engineers. The want to explore all these meticulously crafted, fine instruments stayed with me trough my teenage years and I still love to experiment with new pens and pencils.
So 20 days ago, on my Dad's birthday, I ordered online new calligraphy fountain pen with a couple of Diamine Inks. I wanted something cheaper than 30 $, sturdy, lightweight, that can take some abuse and will write smoothly. The big plus of a fountain pen is that it is faster and cleaner to write with than a dip pen. The negative side is the lack of permanent inks for this type of pens on the market here in Bulgaria. And while ordering those online is a possibility, the price is excruciating for my budget.

Do you wonder what I got?

After some confusion and wondering, price comparison, reading several forums, watching several reviews in Portuguese. Yes. Portuguese. I decided to get a Lamy.

the color of the ink is just right :")
Lamy Joy with 1.1 Italian nib
  • sturdy black plastic body and cap with some red accents, a little bit too long for my liking
  • converter for ink, but works with cartridges as well
  • interchangeable steel nibs, almost no flex in them in my opinion
  • cardboard box in dark red
What I like is the overall quality of this pen. I easily imagine myself using this to write notes with some nice ink and fill text in my drawings. But... if I could reorder the same purchase now, I would go for the Safari pen. Better quality, but shorter, nicer design for everyday use for a little bit extra on the price tag.
The good thing is that I can always order a Safari as well and the nibs are practically the same and can be switched between many Lamy's designs. Really useful and user-friendly.

So if you want a good starter fountain pen, go for it. You won't be sorry. :")

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