Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Or why they call her the Micul Paris?

Bucharest, the capital city of Romania. A big and glorious dwelling that I will visit in two days for a weekend seminar. As all people around me know, I love to travel and this is going to be the first time for this year, so you can imagine my enthusiasm.

I can't wait!

The last time when I visited this one was two years ago in a foggy November and I couldn't see anything from the magnificent interbellum architecture as it was so cold that we needed to hide in the cafes from the piercing winter wind. Bucharest in the winter is cold. Really cold. 
The things that I remember from my last visit are the Whittard Tea Shop that almost made me spend a small fortune on tea and hot chocolate (as I said, it was really cold outside), and the baked bagels with sesame for the small price of 2 Lei that an old lady was selling on the street. 

I hope that this time I will have more luck and later on I will present you some nice shots of the city itself. With me swift trip and luck! 

photo from here:~vlad-m

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